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Welcome to Basics of Digital Signal Processing at

Notes on modern computer processing of analog and digital signals. Deriving information from experiments or physical measurements in real time —or near real time —requires rapid processing of electrical signals as they are input to a computer interface. Following are my notes on algorithms and methods for processing those signals.

Basics of Digital Signal Processing

Notes on computer processing of input signals.  These notes cover subjects such as digitizing electrical signals that are otherwise continuous and analog as well as methods and algorithms for deriving usable information from those signals.

Introduction to DSP

Basic Concepts

Probability & Statistics

Analog to Digital

Digital to Analog


Basic Algorithms

Linear Systems


Fourier Transforms

Discrete Fourier Transforms

Fast Fourier Transform

Digital Filtering

The Moving Average

The Windowed Average

The Windowed-Sinc Filter

FFT Convolution

Recursive Filters

The Chebyshev Filter

Custom Filters




Complex Fourier

Laplace Transform

The z-Transform

Transforms in General

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