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Welcome to Basics of Mechanics at

Notes on classical mechanics, the study of motion (or rest) and the interaction between physical objects and the forces they experience.

Basics of Mechanics

Notes on motion and forces.  I once read a book called "Nothing but Motion". I can't recall if the book was even coherent (it was a long time ago) but the idea has stayed with me, that the only thing we seem to experience is change. The development of a systematic method to study change came about surprisingly late in human history. Actually, that really only refers to the modern form of that method since previous generations developed a vast amount of knowledge leading up to the systematic study of motion, but it took a conceptual leap to bring us to where we are now. This tutorial or primer serves as my notes on the study of classical mechanics. It is mostly based on the notes I took during grad school, but the beauty of the information age is that not even information is static, so this will change as my understanding of mechanics is improved. Oh, of course, I should apologize to those that are seeing this before it is anywhere near completion, but then, I'm not sure completion is even an option. Enjoy.

Physical Measurements

Units & Dimensions


Newtons Laws

Particle Motion

One Dimensional Motion

Uniform Motion

Two Dimensional Motion



Circular Motion

Angular Momentum


Groups of Particles

Center of Mass

Rigid Bodies

Analytical Approach



Conservation Principles


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