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Welcome to Basics of Plasma Physics at

Notes on Plasma Physics, the study of low density ionized gases. Although 99.9% of the observable universe is in the plasma state, we really don't have much direct experience with plasmas. That lack of experience does not preclude the value of studying plasmas for the sake of improving technology and, of course, that lack of experience may be what makes this study so fascinating.

Basics of Plasma Physics

In 1879, W. Crookes used the term: "the fourth state of matter" to describe the ionized medium created in an electrical discharge in gas. The thinking was that matter progresses from solid to liquid to gas to this fourth state as heat is added.

Intro to Plasmas

Producing a Plasma

Measuring Properties of Plasmas

Stat Mech applied to Plasmas

Plasma Waves



Kinetic Equations




Vlasov Theory






Paricle Motion

Weak Turbulence

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