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Welcome to the Basics of Quantum Physics on!

Notes on quantum physics and the description of matter and energy interactions on the very small scale.

Basics of Quantum Mechanics

Notes on quantum mechanics and atomic interactions.  On the scale of things we are very familiar with we see nature in a way that works for this scale. As we look at smaller and smaller objects and interactions between them and the different forms of energy we somehow intuitively expect nature to behave the same as it does for our larger scale familiar world. The fact is: it doesn't. Reality is not quite what we expect when we look closer and closer. It is however, the basis for everything in our familiar world and it is comprehensible. So the study of quantum physics is well worth the effort to change our limited world view and try to understand nature as it is. Our new found understanding will serve to inform our old view of nature and make it richer than we had noticed before.

What is Wrong With Our Intuitive Model of Nature

Fundamental Ideas of Quantum Mechanics

Mathematical Tools for Exploring Nature

Quantum Postulates

Simple Cases

Spin 1/2

1-D Oscillator

A New Look at Angular Momentum

A Central Potential


Electron Spin

Superposition of Waves

Adding Angular Momenta

Perturbation Theory

Time Dependant Schrödinger Equation

Approximation Methods

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