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Welcome to the STARKFX Page on Quantum Success.

So many books and articles have emerged recently claiming to explain success and manifesting successful results in your life based on quantum physics that I decided I had to tell you the truth. This article is my view of the secret to success and it's relationship to quantum physics.

Quantum Success

How to manifest successful results in your life based on the science of quantum physics

Does Your Life's Success Depend on Quanum Physics?

So many books and articles have emerged recently purporting to explain how you can manifest successful results in your life just by understanding the principles of quantum physics. I must agree that understanding quantum physics is a wonderful result to pursue, but the reality is it has little to do with business or personal success (unless your business is physics, optics or advanced semiconductor research---What a great coincidence for me!) and the recent books and articles, though quite instructive on the methods for high achievment, have little to do with quantum physics.

Consciousness and Manifesting

Although these articles, claiming that quantum non-locality -where we learn that physical states in one location can have effects on physical states in a distant location- is the basis of bringing about excellent results and successful realities in your life just by maintaining the right thoughts and feelings in your consciousness are talking about a real quantum physics effect, this effect has nothing to do with creating a successful life. There really is nothing so mysterious about creating success. I know this is not what anyone wants to hear, but your consciousness is an amazing phenomenon that is completely subjective and has no effect on the world beyond the bahaviors it creates in you. But that really is enough. Consciousness is less based on quantum physics, though all chemistry and electrical activity of the brain is at the deepest level, than it is on chaos and complexity theory. Instead, consciousness is a phenomenon moving toward the other end of the complexity scale, where quantum physics is the simple end, consciousness is very complex and very local. Your thoughts and attitudes and feelings will greatly impact your life and the lives of those around you. That impact will happen through your behaviors, communications and even facial expressions. The reality is: that is enough.

All of these books claim that you will experience what you expect to experience. That is absolutely true. If you expect to be successful, you will be. It may take time, but you generally obtain the results you believe you will obtain. If you expect a dismal life you will find it. Perhaps it is easier for people to believe that life will be great if they can look to some mysterious source of power like quantum physics that they don't understand as an "explanation" for why they should maintain a happy and energetic attitude. Instead, why can't we simply accept that our mental state will create our behaviors and that those behaviors will impact our reality? That brings up a question for me: why should I care if people want to obtain their hope from a belief that the science of quantum physics can explain why maintaining hope and and expectations of success will bring about success in their lives? After all, anyone who has ever achieved success had that kind of hope beforehand, and those that don't keep that hope alive usually fail to achieve because they simply stop trying. Well, I suppose it is simply a psychological problem I have that incites disgust at believing nonsense even when the belief is advantageous. It is my opinion that the same results or even better can be achieved by maintaining the hope and expectation that my efforts and actions will lead to successful "manifestations" based on the reality that other people have done it before me and I've seen people succeeding in their efforts now. Success is directly derived from consistent action towards your goals, and it just so happens that such action is only consistent in the face of many failures if we keep that hope alive. No, I don't believe that just my kind and generous attitude towards everyone and everything and my feelings of happiness in whatever my situation will somehow send out "vibrations" that get amplified by the universe and returned to me. I do believe that choosing to be happy now, planning my achievments and maintaining hope and consistent action towards my goals will lead to surprising and successful results. I'm also quite certain that expecting failure and losing hope will reduce my output of actions and lead to dismal mediocrity.

Thought Becomes Reality

Here is the truth: What you think about most often will create behaviors in you and results in the world around you that will bring about your main thought. Here is another truth: you will fail. Everyone who has ever attempted to do something really big, something truly worth achieving has met with failure many times. If they thought that such failure was the last word from the universe, they'd have stopped trying and that would have left the world without their contribution being achieved. That would be a shame. So, just what are you robbing the world of right now? Go out and get through some failures and eventually find out how to make success happen in the endeavor you are uniquely suited to gift to the world!

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